Ride Entry

Make sure you read our entry criteria before embarking on this journey

Please read and accept the below indemnity form and then fill in the online entry form at the bottom of the page. On filling in the entry form you will receive an email confirming your entry with payment details. Payment of your deposit will confirm entry.

  • The Jozi2Kozi & 2Kozi are off road events which requires riding ability and fitness to make the best of the experience.
  • Normal road rules apply even when riding on district, farm or game reserve roads,
  • The event has a fully equipped emergency medical support team for emergencies, however I as a participant will bring my own supplies for minor / daily medical requirements,
  • I have suitable medical insurance and am liable at all times to cover all emergencies for the duration of the event,
  • I understand that I will be in game reserves, farms and private lands and will respect this access which is a privilege and not a right. If I insult any farmer, crew, marshal or any other rider I may be asked to leave the event immediately,
  • I will observe environmentally clean behaviour and will not litter including disposing of my riding foods packaging,
  • I understand that the organisers will set daily cut-off times and that I will respect these cut-off times and be transported to the end on days where I am unable to meet the cut-off time,
  • If I breakdown or quit I will not expect a lift. I will await the sweep vehicle which will arrange a suitable collection when such sweeper encounters me,
  • I understand that The Jozi2Kozi & 2Kozi are off-road events where it is my responsibility to find the correct route. Should I utilise a GPS device capable of tracking routes I take full responsibility for the loading of routes and my GPS device settings for accurate following of the route,
  • I am aware that the attendance of this excursion and the activities, which may take place during this excursion, may hold the possibility of physical injuries. I accept that all reasonable precautions will be undertaken to ensure my safety and welfare,
  • I understand that I will be held responsible for the payment of medical and/or hospital accounts, where applicable, should an injury be sustained which cannot be ascribed to negligence on the part of the person responsible for this excursion,
  • I understand that I enter the event voluntarily and at my own risk, please state your medical conditions on the entry form below.

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